Monday, September 8, 2008

Carl and Julia, pt. 1

I think this strip is all the funnier if you know that one of the names we originally considered for this comic was "Fruits of Our Labor."

Edit: A number of people have written in to point out that this comic is very similar to a Kids in the Hall sketch about a man who speaks no English. Though I worship the Kids in the Hall, I had never seen that sketch until now. Nonetheless, the resemblance is pretty powerful. Anyway, I don't think that enjoyment of the sketch and enjoyment of this strip are mutually exclusive, so hopefully both are still entertaining.

p.s. This strip seems to have become mildly popular. If you liked it, maybe link us or click some of those buttony things down bellow or something? Wait, how do these buttons work? Shit, it's not...ARG...I'LL TURN THIS CAR AROUND!


DontCallMeJames said...

I've never watched Kids in the Hall, and thought this was very humorous.

anomaly42 said...

What does the Russian mean?

Kuchtafish said...

This is actually kinda similar to a computer science thought experiment:

A man is in a room with a gigantic book of phrases and responses in English. Much like Carl, though, he knows no real English, speaking only Chinese. Rigidly following the book, though, he takes in English conversation from outside the room, and outputs convincing English. The CS extension here is - what if we replace the man with a computer? Is there artificial intelligence in the system?

But yeah, Searle 1980 preempted even Kids in the Hall. :)

Valentina said...

the Russian means "unfortunately, i do not understand you"

props to you, mattkoro! mad love goes out from records hall

Valentina said...

" unfortunately, i could not understand you", rather :)